Mission Statement

To provide hospitals, nursing homes, and various health care facilities with their staffing service needs.

“We provide you with a continuous on going and never ending resource of professional health care workers
such as nurses, physical therapists, and occupational therapists.”

ACS-A proven solution to the problem

The proven solution is to recruit professional health care workers (you) from overseas.   However, as you
all know, this is never an easy task.  First, you will need to find the professional health care workers
(nurses, physical therapist, occupational therapist), interview them, check their backgrounds and
credentials, insure their skills and experience, and the most time consuming of all is to manage their
green card process from start to finish.  This process takes much of your time and a lot of your patience.

ACS-Where we can help

ACS, Alternate Care Services an affiliate of IDS, Integrated Developmental Services, created specifically to
meet the needs of Health Care Institutions in the US, is a guaranteed, reliable, trouble free way to always
facilitate your Hospitals and Nursing Homes with large volumes of professional nursing staff from

All you need to do is tell us how many nurses you need.  We take care of the process from start to finish.  
Although, the actual process takes time, you‘ll eventually have a never ending continuous supply of highly
qualified professional nurses.

ACS-The perfect partner

We know how to recruit.  We know how to find nurses and we make absolute certain you get nothing but the
most qualified and professional staffing.  It is how our parent company, IDS, Integrated Developmental
Services, has thrived for 14 years recruiting in the ASIA/Pacific rim.

ACS-How you benefit

The key word is in partnership.  A collaboration of our expertise in recruiting professional nurses and your
dedication to place them, the partnership between ACS and selected Hospitals, Nursing Homes, and other
Health Care Institutions, is geared to maximize profits for You and ACS.

ACS-A continued resource

The recruiting process takes time.  Even with the most qualified of all professional nurses, the process is
between 12 to 18 months.  However, the upside to the equation, we find the most qualified professional
nurses, we know how to manage the immigration process, we train and prepare the nurses for all
requirements to work in the US.  In 12-18 months, you will have a continuous resource of professional
nurses available on hand to staff your facilities.

ACS-Professional Health Care Workers.  
"As we live and breathe"

Our on hand staff interviewers are qualified health care workers such as doctors, nurses, and therapists.  
Once the interviewee’s meet the personal, educational, and medical requirements we set forth, they will
then undergo a final review process with our highly qualified US nurses and therapists on staff that
completely understands exactly what is required to succeed in the US health care facilities.

ACS-Primary Goal

It’s our job to find the most qualified, experienced, professional health care workers for You.  ACS will
communicate with you to facilitate your needs, then put a specific strategy in effect and conduct the actual
research, identification, all the way through licensure, and immigration approval for each professional
health care worker.

Recruitment Process        

1)        Applicant Inquiry
2)        Applicant Interview
3)        Applicant competency testing
4)        Two sources of Recommendations
5)        Birth Certificate
6)        Diploma and Transcripts (Primary/Secondary/Tertiary)
              a.        (Original or Certified Copy)
7)        Philippine Board Examination Results (Original)
8)        CGFNS/TOEFL/TSE Results (or Equivalent) (Original)
9)        Proof of Job Order from Health Care Facilities
10)        Contract Agreement (Signing)
11)      Form Submittals with U.S.C.I.S.
12)      Notice of Action from U.S.C.I.S.
13)      Visa Screen Certification
14)      Issuance of Alien Identification Number
15)      Immigrant Status Approval
16)      Issuance of Immigrant Visa
17)      Travel to Sponsor Destination
18)      Housing Placement Orientation
19)      Transportation Placement Orientation
20)      NCLEX/NBCOT/NPTE Review
21)      NCLEX/NBCOT/NPTE Results
22)      Professional B.S.N., R.N./O.T.R./P.T.R.

ACS Responsibility:    
1)        To keep you up to date on all transactions via email or phone.
2)        To provide you with all expenses paid trip to the USA.
3)        To arrange for your accommodations up to 3 months.
4)        To arrange for your transportations up to 3 months.
5)        To insure you pass the NCLEX/NBCOT/NPTE.

Applicant Responsibility:

1)        Two forms of recommendations.
2)        Philippine Board of Nursing.
3)        CGFNS.
4)        TOEFL (or equivalent).
5)        TSE (or equivalent).
6)        To pass NCLEX/NBCOT/NPTE on the 1st take.

Our Services for Professional Health Care Workers
Immigrant Sponsorship
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